Full Ownership vs. Co-Ownership:

The fulfilment of dreams! A sports car/supercar is used less than 30 days a year on average. Why not own this car with 9 other members for a fraction of the price?

Full Ownership

We've all felt it – the rush of adrenaline as a sleek, vibrant-colored sports car zips past us on the freeway. It’s hard not to imagine yourself behind the wheel, feeling the hum of the engine, the wind in your hair, and the envious glances from onlookers. But, just like a mirage, the closer you get to owning one, the more the reality sets in.



The car is entirely yours to enjoy, providing the ultimate sense of exclusivity.


Drive the car daily, take it on thrilling road trips, or make a stylish entrance at special events.


Flexibility to make your car available for rent, generating potential income to offset ownership costs.


Experience the pride and joy of being the sole owner of a luxury vehicle.


How? With the Rampante Co-Ownership formula you own a piece of a supercar. 10% of its price for 10% of the liabilities that comes with owning a supercar. Everything comes with a price, but why owning 100% of something which you use 10% of it’s time and be 100% liable for all it’s cost? Rampante offers the solution with co-ownership! Owning a supercar ​with shared costs at a fraction of the operating and acquisition costs.



This is probably the biggest cost saving you can make


This is key, especially for the resell worth and the joy of experience.


Keep 90% of your money in your pocket and invest in cashflow generating assets.


Use when you want for a fraction of the price

Co-Ownership Program

Rampante is the Dutch leader in the safe purchase of co-ownership vehicles. Our co-ownership program offers the perfect solution.

You own the car with 9 other members and we take care of everything for you.

We at Rampante believe in the sharing economy and this is your opportunity to participate. We bring together those people for whom community thinking, financial efficiency and sustainability are no longer an issue.