The Rampante Driving Experience is a sports car tour designed for car enthusiasts or those seeking an adventurous driving experience. Participants can enjoy driving a sports car through various routes, accompanied by a professional instructor for guidance and safety

Three packages are offered: Bronze (€999 for approximately 100 km and 2 hours of driving), Silver (€1,699 for approximately 200 km, 4 hours of driving, and a high-quality lunch), and Gold (€2,999 for approximately 400 km, 8 hours of driving, and a high-quality lunch)

The fleet includes the Mercedes Benz SL63 AMG, Porsche 911 GT3 RS and Ferrari 296 GTB.

Safety is prioritized with a detailed briefing on the sports car and applicable regulations. Initially, an experienced instructor drives the car, with participants observing, before they take the wheel themselves under the instructor's guidance​

Participants can choose from various routes to suit their preferences and driving style, whether they prefer highways or countryside routes. This all depends on how long we can drive.

The Silver and Gold packages include a high-quality lunch, though the specifics of the meal are not detailed on the page. This all depends on the route we will take that day

No, the experience is designed for one person per car to ensure a personalized experience. However it’s possible to book more cars at the same day.

Yes, after an initial demonstration by an instructor, participants will take the wheel and drive the cars themselves.